Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Little Girl

I haven't had the chance to post anything lately we have been so busy with our kids. So here is the much needed update.
On the 14th of Oct I went into my doctors and they wanted to do an ultrasound to get a more accurate measurement of Kendell's weight. She was measuring well over 8 lbs. I was a little worried cause I still had a little less then two weeks to go and she was going to just get bigger.
I really didn't want to be induced I wanted to see what it was like to just go into labor. But because of her size we thought it was best to get induce.
My mom was coming out for the birth and to help with Caiden. She was a huge help. I was induce on the 25th the day before my due date. That morning around 2:30am I started to feel uncomfortable I didn't that I was having contractions.
At the hospital my water broke on its own and I was progressing on my own pretty well. I was in labor about 6 hours. I only had to push for 15 minutes then we had a beautiful 9lb 3 oz baby girl.

Trevor and I both fell in love with her as soon as she was born. She is a little angel. Caiden had no clue what was going on. He was mad at me when I got home from the hospital he would not even look at me. He didn't like that Trevor and I left him. So glad my mom was there to help entertain him. That same week end Caiden started to walk. He didn't want Caiden to have all the attention.
Caiden really didn't pay much to Kendell at first but now he will hold her and give her kisses. He is really sweet with her. Some times he gives her to much love.
Trevor and I are learning how to manage life with two kids. Kendell is a really good baby only really cries if she is hungry or tired. She is better sleep then Caiden. She is really calm and good. She is so sweet.
Heavenly Father has really blessed us with to wonderful children. We love them so much!!!










































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